I grew up in the Philippines where I studied Political Science, ending up with a Bachelors Degree in Film and Audio Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines (Diliman). I’m the first and currently the only Filipino artist who graduated with an MA Fine Art degree (Sculpture) at the Royal College of Art, for which I was awarded the Abraaj RCA Innovation Scholarship.

I see myself as a social worker, constantly moving, exploring and learning about various cultures, customs and ways of living. I’ve lived and worked with different types of communities wherein I learned not just to put value in togetherness but also to place utmost importance in solitude, silence and contemplation. To me, passion can only have a meaningful impact if it is accompanied and strengthened with compassion.

The collaborative approach to my craft is based on my belief that art is a catalyst for social change, as it is an essential element in communal interaction. In line with this, I founded  _inventory, a platform that organises shows in alternative and public spaces, showcasing young artists’ works and offers a residency program to engage communities in art through public performances, events and discussions in the urban and rural context. It initiated in Manila in 2012, launched its itinerant practice and research-based artist residency set in the rural in 2013, started operating in Ho Chi Minh City (VN) in 2014 and is now mainly based in London.

My work looks to challenge social conventions and provoke discussions around our views and understanding of ourselves, others and our environment – how they are interrelated and inextricably linked. Along with this, I continuously and incessantly strive to promote the idea that art is non-exclusive, educational, must utilise local resources and should be more accessible to people, especially in rural areas.

Monday, Working 9-5 at Brgy. South Kensington, 2017.
Performance documentation by Giulia Brescianini