View Portfolio: Rhine Bernardino Portfolio_August 2017 

Staying within the ‘self’, along with the body’s framework and context, I actively experiment with myself in order to draw out and possibly activate a higher understanding of it, as a physical and biological structure – a more internal/inward approach to address sociological, societal, political and cultural issues and concerns related to the body as both a physical entity and a blueprint that carries numerous symbolism, history and associations.

In line with this research are extensive collaborations with different artists, to help explore the notion of self and the other – the idea of working together but being isolated. I believe this pushes an individual in a certain state to investigate a different approach of getting closer to oneself whilst understanding the other. Along with this, I also incorporate the use of materials that exists or are taken from the body (such as hair, wastes, blood and fluids), those that are most often disregarded (like toilet paper) and ones that are highly charged but at the same time very accessible, particularly balloons and most recently, coins.

Aside from my body of work’s dedication to experiment and investigate on the use of body in conjunction with the use of materials in performance art, I’m also exploring more on the possibilities and strength of the discipline – not only its ability to shock, provoke and surprise audiences, but its capacity to give voice to marginalised views and empower the viewers and communities, the people. I’m the founder and one of the curators of _inventory, a platform that organises shows in alternative and public spaces, showcasing young artists’ works, and offers a residency program to engage communities in art through public performances, events and discussions.

December, Regla Series. 2016-17, In collaboration with Anna Gray